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Multi Brand Operator & Hotel Management Company

Black Label Hospitality is a multi brand operator and has secured Multi Development Agreements with the worlds most renowned hotel chains.

Our strategic partners are: Marriott, IHG, Hilton, Accor, Hyatt and Wyndham


Our global strategic Partners

Black Label Hospitality has signed Multi Development Agreements with the worlds most renowned Hotel Chains

Why choose us? Our Value Drivers

Data Driven multibrand operator, investing heavily in Data Visualisation and best in class Human Capital

True leaders in the playing field. High Trust x High Performance partner for all stakeholders.

Fast in adapting to any situation and flexible in deal making.

True hoteliers in leading positions of the company. We understand hospitality, we understand F&B.

Maintaining control
We maintain full control of all aspects of the business. Our guarantee to our stakeholders is not to outsource any aspects of our business to a third party management company. Hold us accountable.

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Full Transparency

Performance vs Trust Matrix

Performance: Data driven, Ebitda %, Full control
Trust: Financial Position (feasibility, bankable, financial data)
Trust: Reputation (existing portfolio, guest score, hotelpartners)
Trust: Transparency (contractual, reporting)

Hotel operator


Our focus on the luxury & lifestyle segment

Black Label Hospitality is a dynamic and ambitious hotel operator with a unique vision for building, expanding, operating and managing hotels. Having secured valued collaborations with the world’s most renowned hotel chains, combined with our excellent knowledge of the hospitality industry and our operational excellence, we have become the go to partner for all stakeholders.

Black Label Hospitality’s great differentiating strengths for stakeholders are:

  • True Hoteliers in Key Company Positions
  • Real-time data Visualization of All Chains
  • Solid Lease-Guarantee Structure
  • Our guarantee not to outsource Hotel Management to a Third-Party Management Company
  • Vast Local Know-How of the Hotel Market


Positioning and proposition

To become the  go-to long-term High Trust/High Performance partner for all stakeholders. We offer developers and owners long-term rental proposals (with a minimum initial term of 20 years) underpinned by outstanding guarantee structures.

We assure our stakeholder that we can consistently match our lease guarantee offer as specified in our Letter of Intent (LOI).

Black Label Hospitality’s extensive knowledge of the hotel industry, coupled with our comprehensive feasibility studies, establishes us as the preferred long-term partner for all stakeholders.


Black Label Hospitality maintains full control over all departments of our business. From acquisition and development to all operational departments; all our departments are in-sourced. We guarantee our partners that no operational departments are outsourced to external management companies.

Understanding our investor's needs

A collaboration between an investor and Black Label Hospitality will generate great value for both parties. By adapting an asset-light and capital-light scalable business model, we can achieve exponential growth. This model involves issuing guarantees backed by the investor, ensuring a mutually beneficial partnership.



  • Martin Hendricks
  • Marcel van de Vin
  • Rachel Hendricks
  • Remi Peeters
  • Liane Hintzen
  • Chi Ho Chan
  • Sander Besterveld
  • Willem Raaijmakers
  • Kyra Hendriks
  • Michelle Luesen
  • Joost Daanen
  • Jan Wright
  • Nina Hermanussen
  • Loes Zhang
  • Sabrina Sital
  • Rutger Hoekman
  • Lars van de Looverbosch
  • Amy Brendel

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Black Label Hospitality has many opportunities. We understand the wishes of the real estate owner, but also our investor’s needs, both in capital and real estate. Most importantly, we understand what a modern-day guest is looking for in a hotel and translate this into a well managed operation.

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