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Reinventing hotel operations

Being true to our own values

Mission, Vision & Values

  1. Mission: To be the best European stand-alone multi brand hotel operator and management company.
  2. Vision: Black Label Hospitality to become the leading European multi-brand operator by always being the Go-To High Trust / High Performance partner for all stakeholders. Renowned hotel chains, hoteldevelopers and brokers work closely with Black Label Hospitality because of our guest satisfaction scores (with a minimum of 8.0 / 10 on leading OTA sites) , excellent profitability
    (minimum of 20% Ebitda per project) and ambitious growth ambition (minimum of 1.000 rooms open and 1.000 rooms in secured pipeline per year). Our ability to match rental and lease guarantee expectations with their requirements creates a win-win.
  3. Values: Black Label Hospitality does not outsource hotel management to third parties, but has appointed “best in class” hoteliers in all decision-making positions. This allows us to maintain full control over all segments of the operation and the growth of our business. At Black Label Hospitality, guest satisfaction, data-driven operations, ambitious growth and profitability go hand in hand.

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Black Label Hospitality has many opportunities. We understand the wishes of the real estate owner, but also our investor’s needs, both in capital and real estate. Most importantly, we understand what a modern-day guest is looking for in a hotel and translate this into a well managed operation.

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