Our specialty is the lifestyle and luxury segment

Black Label Hospitality is a dynamic and ambitious hotel operator with a unique vision on how to build, expand and manage hotels. We label ourselves exclusive, due to high-quality experiences throughout all of our hotels. We understand the wishes of the real estate owner and our investors but most of all, we understand what a modern-day hotel guest is looking for.

With our authentic, strong values we create high-quality hotels. How do we do that? By re-inventing the hotel experience and by choosing the correct brand for the correct position. A trustworthy hotel operator with excellent knowledge of hotel operations.

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A team of expertise
Martin Hendricks


Marcel van de Vin


Rachel Hendricks

Project Coordinator

Ann-Sophie Empt

Corporate Sales Manager

Kyra Hendriks

Human Resources

Joost Daanen

Marketing Specialist

Michelle Luesen

Human Resources

Nina Hermanussen

Revenue Specialist

José Willems

Junior Controller

Sabrina Sital

Corporate Sales Specialist

Jan Wright

Graphic Designer

Remi Peeters

Acquisition & Development

Sander Besterveld


Loes Zhang

Revenue Employee

Cyrianne Collé


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Black Label Hospitality has many opportunities. We understand the wishes of the real estate owner, but also our investor’s needs, both in capital and real estate. Most importantly, we understand what a modern-day guest is looking for in a hotel and translate this into a well managed operation.